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Configure EdgeRouter X

This guide will walk you through configuring a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X.

Required Hardware

  • ERX Router and power cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Computer
  • USB Ethernet adapter (if computer doesn't have ethernet port)

Setup Steps

Wire up ERX

  1. Plug the ERX into its power cable, and plug the power cable into an outlet.
  2. Connect the eth0 port of the ERX to your computer with an Ethernet cable, using the USB Ethernet adapter if you don't have an Ethernet port.

Configure your network settings

Follow the instructions here: Setting a static IP for your computer

Configure ER-X using Wizard

  1. Navigate to the portal at in your browser
  2. Log into the portal with username ubnt, password ubnt.
  3. On the Use wizard? prompt, press yes.
  4. Change the Port from eth0 to eth4. This configures the port to serve as the WAN for the Litebeam antenna.
  5. Under User Setup create a new user and set the PCW username and password.
  6. Press Apply and follow the instructions to Reboot the device.
  7. Return to the portal and log in with the PCW username and password (contact project maintainers for this info).
  8. At the Dashboard, click on Actions for eth4 to turn on POE.
  9. Finally, Click on the System tab at the bottom left of the console.
  10. Input the host name for the device.
  11. Set up the DNS address as

To double check if a device is properly configured, check the settings under the Dashboard and System tabs. To verify WAN is set to eth4, visit the Firewall/Nat section. Under the NAT tab, see if Masquerade is set to eth4 for the WAN masquerade.

Configure ER-X using Config File

  1. Download the ERX config file
  2. Navigate to the portal at in your browser
  3. Log into the portal with username ubnt, password ubnt as above.
  4. On the Use wizard? prompt, press no.
  5. Press the System tab on the bottom of the page.
  6. Under the Restore Config section, press Upload a file and select the ERX config file you downloaded.
  7. The ERX will reboot using the new configuration.
  8. To do more configuration, you can log back into the portal using the PCW username and password.
  9. Make sure to follow instructions (steps 11 and 12) to update the host name and DNS address in the System tab.

Installation Setup

When installing the ER-X at a house with a rooftop Litebeam and a Mesh AP, remember the typical setup is:

  1. Port eth0 serves as the passthrough for POE from an adaptor plugged into an outlet.
  2. Port eth1 serves for the LAN port of the adapter powering the first PCW Mesh AP. Ports eth2 and eth3 can function for wired connections to additional Mesh APs, each of which need to be powered through separate POE adaptors.
  3. Port eth4 serves as the WAN port with passthrough POE to communicate and provide power to the rooftop Litebeam.