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Editing these docs

Editing on GitHub

After receiving access to the repository, edits can be made to the site's code directly from the GitHub repository, if you are listed as a contributor for the repo. Just find the file you'd like to edit (the filename will be the same as the page's slug -- "edit-docs" for this page) and click the pencil icon in the corner. Once you've completed your changes, scroll to the bottom, add a commit message, and click "Commit changes". The public docs will update to reflect this.

Editing locally

To make edits to docs locally, you'll need to have a GitHub account and be listed as a contributor to the phillycommunitywireless/docs repository. You'll also need git and a markdown editor of your choice.

Making edits to site data

Clone the repo

First things first: if you haven't already done so copy the docs repository to your local machine:

git clone
cd docs

If you already have the repo cloned, you should pull any new changes to synchronize with the remote repo:

git pull

Edit markdown files

You should see several markdown files in the docs/docs subfolder. These correspond to the pages on the main site. You can open and edit these files in a markdown editor of your choice!

Finalizing your changes

Once you're confident in the changes you've made to the docs, you can push them back to the remote repo. ReadTheDocs will be notified of these changes and immediately rebuild the public site with your changes reflected.

git add .
git commit -m "Add a message specifying what you changed"
git push

If this is your first time pushing, you may need to run this instead:

git push --set-upstream origin main

Adding new files

If you just add a new .md doc to the docs folder, you won't see it immediately reflected on the live site. To add it, you'll need to add it to the site nav configuration, which is set in the mkdocs.yml file at the root of the project.

# /mkdocs.yml

  - Home:
  - Mesh Kit Setup Guide: mesh-kit/
  - Hardware:
  - Onboarding:
  - Editing these docs:

To add a new page, just add a new key-value pair to this list:

- Your New Page:

Running a local version of the docs site

This is only necessary if you need to see how the docs are specifically rendered on our live site. Any markdown editor should be able to preview the docs as they will appear on the site, without much deviation. If you want to make styling / structural changes to the site and/or its theme, this is also the way to do that.

First, clone the repo.

Run a local server with Docker

  1. Download Docker, which should include Docker Compose on most machines.
  2. Run docker-compose up inside the project directory.
  3. The mkdocs server will start up, and can be accessed at localhost:8000. Any changes made to the docs will automatically update the page.

Optional: Setup Python Environment

If you need your development environment to integrate with other programs on your machine, e.g. for linting in a text editor, you'll need to set up a Python virtual environment with the necessary dependencies installed.

First, make sure you have Python 3 and pip installed, and run the following commands:

# install the pipenv package
pip install pipenv
# create a virtual environment and install dependencies in it
pipenv install -r requirements.txt

Your dependencies are now installed in a virtual environment (usually located somewhere in your $HOME/.local/ folder). To active the environment on the command line, type pipenv shell. If you're using Visual Studio Code for editing, change the Python Interpreter setting to point to the path returned by pipenv which python.